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Learn About the Best Landscaping Designs

By : businessbid

Just because I am at work doesn’t mean I can’t have beautiful landscapes around me. In fact, such landscapes further refresh my mind and enrich my soul. Some of the best landscaping designs in Dubai include the following ideas:

  1. Building architecture

IB suggests that whether your workplace occupies an entire building or just a certain floor, you need to ensure that the landscape you’re choosing matches the architecture of the building. Now I certainly can’t have small potted plants for a 100 floor high-rise major conglomerate! Certainly not!

  1. Eye-catching entrance

Ineeded to make people want to enter my office building! I did what I could to make the entrance as attractive as possible. A simple sign board is not enough in today’s day and age. I have some pretty flowers and a gravel path leading up to my office room.

  1. Be on the same page with your clients

After all, they power up the business, right? So I aligned my landscape with different philosophies too. I included a color element and a statue and a landscape design that resonated with the client’s mind too. This made them feel comfy when they visited my office for their work.

  1. Long-term visibility

I opted for landscape designs that matured well in the long-term. I suggest that don’t opt for vines which will cover up your office window in a year and you resort to cutting down the whole plant as a result! Have a plan in mind and visually perceive how the landscape will grow with your office. Also, keep in mind the climate conditions of Dubai before making a mistake which you will regret after a few months.

  1. Seasons and colors

Play around with different colors and textures to add vibrancy to your workplace. I consider seasons when deciding on flower colors as well. I ask myself what flowers will survive in winter and still add beauty? Which color associates with the fall season, etc.? This is really important to take note of.

  1. Go low-maintenance

The best landscaping designs for a workplace should be low-maintenance ones. Initially, everyone is in love with your new office landscape in Dubai, but as responsibility sets in, you have to work on it to make it look as fresh as it did the first day, and that’s where the problem sets in. You cannot work on maintaining your plants and pottery the whole year when you’re busymakingpresentations to global clients the whole year round. Hence, low-maintenance is vital.

Be sure to visit Business Bid to check out and decide on the best landscaping designs for your workplace and stun everyone. To make your workplace look amazing, I’d recommend you to hire professionals.

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